Public-funded projects (pre-competitive applied research)

esurf-honda E-SURF: Enhancing vehicles safety & handling via actively controlled aerodynamic SURFaces (Honda initiation grant).
green-move-logo-big Partner and main proposer of the “GreenMove” project (3rd-generation Vehicle-Sharing systems for urban mobility), sponsored by Regione Lombardia.
predimot Partners in th EU Interreg-REGINS project “PREDIMOT” (Predictive Control of Combustion Engines), 2005-2006.
safespot_veicolo Scientific cooperation (with Piaggio Group) in the EU 6th-Framework Integrated Project “SAFESPOT” (Co-operative Systems for Road Safety: Smart Vehicles on Smart Roads).
smart-tires Partner of the project “Smart tires: contact force estimation via innovative sensors and signal processing”, sponsored by the bilateral Italy-Austria scientific cooperation framework (Austrian Partner: Department of Design and Control of Mechatronic Systems, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria), 2003-2004.
safebike-2 Partners in th EU Interreg-REGINS project “SAFEBIKE” (Stability control by Advanced Full-braking systems of 2-whEel motorBIKE vehicles), 2005-2006.
ACCM Scientific Partner of the ACCM (Austrian Center of Competence in Mechatronics) on the Strategic Project “Methods and tools for self-optimizing control of complex mechatronical systems” and on the Multi-Firm Project “Adaptive optimal control for mechatronical systems under unknown operating conditions”.
MUSS Partner of the Project “MUSS” (“Urban and Infraurban Mobility Safe and Sustainable”) in cooperation with large Italian Automotive (OEMs and Tier-1) Companies.
firb Partner of the FIRB project (sponsored by the Italian Government) “Highly innovative motorbikes with ultra-low emission engines, active suspensions, electronic brakes and new materials”, in cooperation with MV-Agusta S.p.A. (2008-2010).

Industrial projects

progetto-azzurra Automatic control of sailboats.
autonomia-garantita Automatic management of autonomy for electric vehicles.
tetra Tilting 4-wheeler light electric vehicle.
cambio-automatico Automatic gear-shift for motorcycles.
stability Electronic Stability Control for 2-wheel vehicles.
ERSE Energy-estimation and grid-interaction of electric-cars.
ESA Best-performance assistant for sail-boats.
smart-bike Smart electric bicycle.
500 Software-definition of the car vehicle dynamics via active braking control.
alfa Semi-active suspension control of a car during braking or lane-change manoeuvres.
Photo of a bike Analysis and design of an “hybrid” bicycle.
Logo ok LaKi project Last-Kilometer (LaKi) vehicle: control and management of a fleet of light electric urban vehicles.
Traction control for high-performance motorcycles.
poste Energy-optimization and power-management of serial-hybrid commercial vehicles.
ride-by-wire Ride-by-wire (electronic throttle) for high-performance motorcycles.
semi-active-suspension-control-moto Semi-active suspension control for high-performance motorcycles.
semi-active-suspension-control-scooters Semi-active suspension control for scooters.
drive-away-man Control of the drive-away manoeuvre for Electric-Parking-Brake (EPB) systems.
ebp-clamping-force Clamping-force estimation of Electric-Parking-Brake (EPB) systems via indirect measurements.
same-self-tuning Self-tuning of the parameters for the transmission control system (motion-inversion-system) of agricultural tractors.
same-transmission-control Transmission-control (gear-shift) for agricultural tractors.
same-cvt Speed control for power-shift CVT transmissions in agricultural tractors.
same-inverter Motion-inversion control in agricultural tractors.
same-cabin Semi-active control of the cabin in agricultural tractors.
high-speed-train Semi-active control of the secondary lateral suspension in high-speed trains.
washing-machine Semi-active suspension control of washing machines, via Magneto-Rheologic friction dampers.
roll-angle-estimation-MEMS Roll-angle estimation via inertial MEMS sensors.
roll-angle-estimation-optical Roll and pitch angle estimation via optical sensors.
F1-2 Analysis and design of the traction-control system in a F1 car.
engine_jts Control of the rail pressure in Direct-Injection turbocharged gasoline engines.
digital-filtering-helmets Digital filtering of noise in helmets.
bbw Control of brake-by-wire (BBW) Electro-Mechanical (EM) braking systems.
speed-slip-estimation Speed and slip estimation in cars.
modelling-magneto-rheologic Black-box and grey-box modelling of magneto-rheologic dampers for high-speed trains.
optimal-gear-selection Virtual selection of the optimal gear-set in a race car.
catamarano Automatic point-keeping of a large catamaran, via thrust-vectoring.
rov_thumb Automatic trajectory tracking and planning for semi-autonomous Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV).
ses Active control of the cobblestone effect in large Surface Effect Ships (SES).
EHS Control of Electro-Hydrostatic (EHS) by-wire actuators for industrial and automotive applications.
parking Automatic low-speed maneuvering systems for large vessels .
drivingstyle Data-processing and modelling for the evaluation of the driving-style of public-transport drivers, using GPS and inertial sensors.
flyboard Innovative electric micro-vehicle for indoor and outdoor personal mobility.
safespot 3G-smartphone-based system for protection of non-conspicuous light vehicles.
escooter Advanced energy-management (performance and range) of light electric vehicles.
azionamento Advanced electronic control systems for brushless motors for light electric vehicles.
litio Modelling and characterization (dynamic models, state-of-charge estimation, ageing) of Lithium cells for electric vehicles.
BMS Adavenced electronic Battery-Management Systems for Lithium cells.
airbag Algorithms and signal processing for airbag triggering systems on two-wheel vehicles.
steer Semi-active steer control for motorcycles.
BBW_2 Electro-actuated Brake-by-Wire systems for light vehicless.
virtualdashboard Virtual dashboards for light vehicles.
bicielios Developement of new architectures and control strategies for Electric Pedal Assited Cycles.
ship Sensor fusion of GPS, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and magnetic compass, for high-accuracy adaptive estimation of the heading attitude of ships.
panda Electronic Stability Control of 4-wheel-drive vehicles, via central active differential.

Disclaimer: the images are only a pictorial representation of the projects; they do not necessarily represent the specific vehicle or component used in the project.

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