Public-funded projects (pre-competitive applied research)

Smar tire

Partner of the project “Smart tires: contact force estimation via innovative sensors and signal processing”, sponsored by the bilateral Italy-Austria


Scientific cooperation (with Piaggio Group) in the EU 6th-Framework Integrated Project “SAFESPOT” (Co-operative Systems for Road Safety: Smart Vehicles on


Partners in th EU Interreg-REGINS project “SAFEBIKE” (Stability control by Advanced Full-braking systems of 2-whEel motorBIKE vehicles), 2005-2006


Partners in th EU Interreg-REGINS project “PREDIMOT” (Predictive Control of Combustion Engines), 2005-2006


Partner and main proposer of the "GreenMove" project (3rd-generation Vehicle-Sharing systems for urban mobility), sponsored by Regione Lombardia


Partner of the FIRB project (sponsored by the Italian Government) “Highly innovative motorbikes with ultra-low emission engines, active suspensions, electronic


Enhancing vehicles safety; handling via actively controlled aerodynamic SURFaces (Honda initiation grant)


Scientific Partner of the ACCM (Austrian Center of Competence in Mechatronics) on the Strategic Project “Methods and tools for self-optimizing

Industrial Projects

Tilting 4-wheeler light electric vehicle
Electronic Stability Control for 2-wheel vehicles
Traction control for high-performance motorcycles
Speed and slip estimation in cars
Semi-active steer control for motorcycles
Virtual dashboards for light vehicles
Smart electric bicycle
Semi-active suspension control for high-performance motorcycles
Semi-active suspension control for scooters
Transmission-control (gear-shift) for agricultural tractors
Active control of the cobblestone effect in large Surface Effect Ships (SES)
Self-tuning of the parameters for the transmission control system (motion-inversion-system) of agricultural tractors
Speed control for power-shift CVT transmissions in agricultural tractors
Motion-inversion control in agricultural tractors
Semi-active control of the cabin in agricultural tractors
3G-smartphone-based system for protection of non-conspicuous light vehicles
Ride-by-wire (electronic throttle) for high-performance motorcycles
Roll-angle estimation via inertial MEMS sensors
Roll and pitch angle estimation via optical sensors
Automatic trajectory tracking and planning for semi-autonomous Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)
Automatic Control of Sailboats
Energy-optimization and power-management of serial-hybrid commercial vehicles
Black-box and grey-box modelling of magneto-rheologic dampers for high-speed trains
Virtual selection of the optimal gear-set in a race car
Automatic low-speed maneuvering systems for large vessels
Electronic Stability Control of 4-wheel-drive vehicles, via central active differential
Last-Kilometer (LaKi) vehicle: control and management of a fleet of light electric urban vehicles
Semi-active control of the secondary lateral suspension in high-speed trains
Analysis and design of the traction-control system in a F1 car
Innovative electric micro-vehicle for indoor and outdoor personal mobility
Modelling and characterization (dynamic models, state-of-charge estimation, ageing) of Lithium cells for electric vehicles
Energy-estimation and grid-interaction of electric-cars
Best-performance assistant for sail-boats
Control of the rail pressure in Direct-Injection turbocharged gasoline engines
Control of Electro-Hydrostatic (EHS) by-wire actuators for industrial and automotive applications
Advanced energy-management (performance and range) of light electric vehicles
Control of the drive-away manoeuvre for Electric-Parking-Brake (EPB) systems
Digital filtering of noise in helmets
Automatic point-keeping of a large catamaran, via thrust-vectoring
Data-processing and modelling for the evaluation of the driving-style of public-transport drivers, using GPS and inertial sensors
Clamping-force estimation of Electric-Parking-Brake (EPB) systems via indirect measurements
Automatic gear-shift for motorcycles
Analysis and design of an “hybrid” bicycle
Control of brake-by-wire (BBW) Electro-Mechanical (EM) braking systems
Advanced electronic control systems for brushless motors for light electric vehicles
Adavenced electronic Battery-Management Systems for Lithium cells
Electro-actuated Brake-by-Wire systems for light vehicless
Developement of new architectures and control strategies for Electric Pedal Assited Cycles
Automatic management of autonomy for electric vehicles
Software-definition of the car vehicle dynamics via active braking control
Semi-active suspension control of a car during braking or lane-change manoeuvres
Algorithms and signal processing for airbag triggering systems on two-wheel vehicles
Semi-active suspension control of washing machines, via Magneto-Rheologic friction dampers
Sensor fusion of GPS, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and magnetic compass, for high-accuracy adaptive estimation of the heading attitude of ships

Disclaimer: the images are only a pictorial representation of the projects; they do not necessarily represent the specific vehicle or component used in the project.