The mOve team is a group of researchers based at the Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Bioengineering (DEIB, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria), Politecnico di Milano (Milan Technical University). The activity of the mOve research team is focused on the design of control systems, data-based identification of black-box models, development of control-oriented dynamic models, and control-oriented analysis and digital filtering. These research areas are developed within the application realm of intra-vehicle and inter-vehicles electronic control systems.
Even if the research activity of the mOve team is mainly focused on road and off-road motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles, electric-bicycles, agricultural tractors, trains, etc.), the interest and scope of the mOve team also include marine vehicles (surface ships and submarines). The intra-vehicle and inter-vehicles applications of the mOve team span over a broad range: chassis control (electronic suspensions, braking and traction control, attitude and stability control, etc.), engine control, energy optimization, supervisory coordination and control of fleets of vehicles, etc. Such a broad range of vehicles and applications covered by the mOve team activity represents a unique value of the research team, since it allows a quick and intense cross-fertilization of methods, ideas and technologies.
Another unique characteristic of the mOve team is its well-balanced mix of applied research on specific vehicular challenges, and theoretical research on new control theory and methods. In order to emphasize and foster the continuous cross-feeding between theory and applications, most of the mOve team researchers are involved both in applied research projects and in basic research on new theory and methods.
The mOve team works in cooperation with world-class leading companies, on short/mid/long-term research projects. Within these industrial cooperation, the main goal of the mOve team is to develop state-of-the-art applied research, and to facilitate the transfer of theoretical research and innovative design methods into vehicle product innovation. Our goal is to increase the competitiveness of our industrial partners, while demonstrating the practical value of advanced theory and methods.
Even if the main research activity of the mOve team is in the field of Automation&Control, the mOve team benefits from being immersed in a large, world-class, Electronics and Computer-Science Department: this allows to carry out interdisciplinary research activity, thanks to the contact with other groups working in the fields of, e.g., Electronics Design, Software Engineering, Telecommunications, Optical end Electronic Measurements, etc.
Polimove Autonomous Racing team is a division of the mOve research team focused on the development of driverless and autonomy algorithms for racing. Our car must always finish the race first.
The team is currently competing in two championships, the Indy Autonomous Challenge and the Roborace Season One.

The Indy Autonomous Challenge involves the top universities in the world’s first head-to-head high-speed race at the famed Indianapolis motor speedway.
The Roborace is a motor racing championship, with full electric self-driving cars, that takes place on formula e tracks. All the teams compete the same car but develop custom real-time calculation algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies.