Suspension Test Bench
The suspension test bench is a very versatile instrument, designed to work with a broad variety of dampers and suspensions. It allows the user to simulate a wide spectrum of test scenarios, from single-tone harmonic and frequency sweep to any customised road profile.
In addition to standard suspension characterization and fatigue tests, we exploit the testbench for research-oriented tasks, such as the identification of control-oriented damper models, and to validate advanced suspension control strategies with the available hardware-in-the-loop setup.



Max force

20.000 N

Max speed

6 m/s

Max accelerations

80 g

Battery Test Bench
The battery test bench is a device capable of testing different types of battery cells, performing charge and discharge tests at different currents.
The machine is also capable of simulating a battery lifetime cycle, to see the ageing of the cells.
Paired with a high-speed data collector the Device allow us to create and validate mathematical models of different battery cells.



Number of channel

4 ch

Max current x ch

50 A

Type of cells

LiPo – LiFe – NiCr

Climatic Chamber
With the use of a Climatic Chamber, it’s possible to conduct tests under controlled temperature conditions similar to those in which the specimen will operate during its service life.
There are many use cases, the most common is paired with the battery test bench allow us to perform extensive tests on battery under different environmental conditions to validate and develop new algorithms. Thanks to the large volume of the chamber it is possible to test a broad variety of components such as suspensions and motors.



Min temperature

-20° C

Max temperature

70° C


140 l

3D Printer
This device allows the rapid prototyping of unusual designs. The capabilities of melting several materials allow the production of effective components, capable of speed up the development of the test platform.



Print volume

200 x 200 x 180 mm

Layer resolution

90-390 microns

Maximum printing temperature

290° C